About SmartPlayKids

SmartPlay Kids

SmartPlayKids is a one stop solution for Schools, Teachers and Parents. In recent times, a lot of concerns have been raised for our kids’ security. SmartPlayKids is a solution for all the queries. Once your child is out for school, as a parent, the concerns are

  • Did my child reach school?
  • What time did my child enter class?
  • Did he take meals properly?
  • Any important circular or message from school I missed?
  • I need to contact the class teacher but I don’t have the number. What do I do?...

As a school, the concerns

  • What time kids are reporting to school?
  • Is there any cab running late? What’s the frequency?
  • What’s the school’s attendance? (both as a School and as per class)
  • Upcoming school activity. Print the agenda and paste in each kids almanac. Is that the fastest way?
  • What’s the kids medical history?...

These are a few concerns that we, as a Parent and as a School, have. SmartPlayKids have tried to answer all these questions in one single App.

SmartPlayKids – For Parents

  • Real time notification (App based/SMS/Email) of Attendance.
  • Real Time tracking report (Bus-In to school, Bus-Out to School, School In. School Out, Meal Taken).
  • Circulars / Messages from School Admin
  • Parent-Teacher / Teacher-Parent message ability.
  • Message/Circular History

SmartPlayKids – For School

  • Quick view of overall school attendance for Student and Staff.
  • Hassle free reporting structure
  • Teacher – Student/Teacher-Class allocation
  • On-The-Go Bulk Message/Circulars/Personal messages
  • SOS alerts to Class Teacher
  • Emergency alerts display when phone in Sleep Mode
  • Kids’ medical history on display

SmartPlayKids is the product on Innobles Smart Technologies. About Innobles